Portrait of Dr. Richard Gerhauser

Dr. Richard Gerhauser

Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D. is one of the most innovative minds in medicine today. In addition to being a board-certified medical doctor, Dr. Gerhauser has earned two master’s degrees and has served as a clinical assistant professor at the University of Arizona. He spent more than a decade as a private physician at the exclusive Canyon Ranch medical facility and currently runs a private practice in Tucson, Arizona.

Please be warned: The story you’re about to hear – while controversial – is completely true.

In fact, there is evidence that suggests it has been ignored since the end of the Second World War. Until today...

Even as I speak to you now, certain powerful parties have a vested interest in keeping this information hidden

…and I fully expect this video to be removed from the Internet.

This TRUE story is simply that controversial. So please listen…

In 1944, at the peak of World War II, did a brilliant German scientist…

…forced to work on the direct orders of Adolf Hitler himself…

…do the “impossible”…

Discover a TRUE solution for fighting cancer?

This is not hype. I’m talking about what could be the most important discovery in the history of medicine.

And every single detail of this life-saving miracle is preserved… clear as day… in his private journals and papers…

A secret “Nazi treasure” lost for generations... rediscovered…

And finally revealed today.

It’s a fact. Thanks to WWII documents we recently obtained, we now know a German chemist, scientist and medical doctor…

…learned the shocking true CAUSE linked to many cancers… a breakthrough that has escaped even today’s top scientists…

But this story gets so much bigger… because this German doctor also found one of the most promising SOLUTIONS ever for fighting and, in some cases…

…REVERSING cancer. 

The ultimate “Holy Grail” of medical science

What’s more, the treatment he discovered is so simple and painless, it involves no chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. 

Of course, if you are receiving cancer treatment right now, don’t change anything without talking to your doctor...

But, friend, if you have EVER been worried about cancer, you MUST get this information now. 

Unfortunately, your doctors may not know the first thing about this cancer breakthrough (I’ll explain why in a moment… it’s truly shocking).

I know this is a lot to take in.

That’s why I’m going to give you every insight in the next 1:42 of this presentation.

I’ll reveal the name of the German scientist working at the personal request of Adolf Hitler…

I’ll show you the lost Nazi Treasure that contains his astonishing breakthrough…

I’ll expose why certain parties have systematically ignored all evidence of this medical breakthrough…

I’ll present the scientific evidence that shows how this therapy works to destroy cancer cells.

I’ll introduce you to an atypical but fascinating case…

…a woman who went from a “terminal brain tumor” diagnosis to 100% CANCER-FREE in just 60 days using this therapy along with standard treatment…

And I’ll tell you how you can now get the full story on this cancer-destroying solution… absolutely FREE when you take advantage of this special opportunity. (Details in just a moment.)

Let’s get started now… while this presentation is still available

The story really begins, strangely enough, with a polyp on the vocal cords of one of history’s evilest men… Adolf Hitler.

And after having surgery in 1935 to remove the polyp, Hitler became obsessed with a finding a cure for cancer.

You see, Hitler was TERRIFIED of the disease.

His mother had died of breast cancer and he was paranoid that cancer would take him too.

He made finding a cure for cancer one of the goals of his Third Reich… his warped mind’s vision of a perfect society.

Now, Germany in the first half of the 20th century was a scientific juggernaut… far ahead of even the United States at the time.

In fact, between 1902 and 1931, fully one out of every 3 Nobel Prizes were awarded to German scientists!

And when he took power, Hitler set up labs all over Germany and filled them with his country’s best scientists… ordering them to discover the one cure for cancer.

Now, so far, this story is well documented. Many WWII historians know all of this...

But what isn’t well known is this

One of Hitler’s most brilliant scientists – Dr. Otto Warburg – discovered something remarkable.

Dr. Warburg uncovered the TRUTH behind cancer… and he found a shockingly easy way that could stop the disease.

Finally… could this be the answer we’ve been praying for? 

Because this is the ONLY medical insight that has EVER been found that explains why you might be growing cancer right now 

Then also shows your body how to conquer the disease.

And I’m going to share it with you today… free. Let me reveal it now

Dr. Otto Warburg was one of the leading medical minds of the 20th century…

Before the war, he was already a famous scientist… and his groundbreaking research on cells had earned him a Nobel prize in 1931.

In fact, he was nominated for an incredible 46 Nobel prizes from 1923 to 1932…

He held a Ph.D. in Chemistry and he was also a trained Medical Doctor.

But there was one more thing especially notable about Otto Warburg…

He was Jewish.

And that he wasn’t jailed by the Nazi’s feared Secret Service…

But was instead told to continue his research, speaks to his undeniable genius...

In fact, authorities once tried to arrest him when he spoke out against the Nazi regime’s crimes…

But a direct letter came from Adolf Hitler himself… ordering them to allow Dr. Warburg to keep working.

You see, even a lunatic like Hitler realized that Otto Warburg was on to something of unimaginable value

The TRUTH behind cancer. 

In the 1930s and 1940s, Dr. Warburg’s experiments on cellular respiration… the way our cells use oxygen for energy… revealed something ASTONISHING.

In order to survive, cancer cells function in a way completely unlike that of regular cells.

They actually use a different cellular “fuel” than healthy cells normally use…

And if you simply “shut off” this fuel supply, cancer cells die.

But because regular cells don’t have to use this “fuel”… they aren’t affected at all.

The cancer cells die… almost immediately… and regular cells continue to stay healthy.

It’s remarkably simple… safe… and incredibly inexpensive.

There’s no doubt, it’s a brand new way to attack cancer… the ONLY true potential cancer solution I’ve ever found.

You could have it RIGHT NOW…

…except, even today, many doctors have never heard a single word about it. 

Why? Well, I’ll reveal the CRIMINAL reason for that in a moment…

But let me explain just a bit more about why Dr. Warburg’s discovery can now help ease any fear of cancer for you or your family.

You MUST hear this while the information is still available

I’ll give you everything you need to know in a moment… but don’t worry about writing it all down.

image of the book cover for The Secrets of Underground Medicine

Because every detail you need about this cancer miracle for yourself and your family is now available in a FREE book called “The Secrets of Underground Medicine”…

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That’s still just the start of what this life-saving gift
has to offer... 

But before we go any further, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Benjamin Cross… and I’ve been a health researcher and published author for more than 20 years.

And because of my years in the field, I’ve gained insider access to proven natural solutions to aging and disease.

Ones that even the best US doctors simply don’t know

That’s why I formed a kind of “medical think tank” near Washington, DC.

Our mission is to reveal the TRUE disease therapies that are denied… or even COVERED UP… by our American healthcare system…

We consult with the absolute top minds in modern medicine… doctors, scientists and researchers like me.

Recently, my team developed the “The Secrets of Underground Medicine” as a FREE SERVICE for independent-minded Americans

This 300-plus-page book is like a complete roadmap to perfect health into your 90s, 100s and beyond

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However, it’s available only today through this presentation and quantities are very limited… so please watch the next few minutes for how to claim your own copy.

But first let me show how Dr. Warburg’s discovery is the one cancer miracle you and your loved ones need now…

It was just a few weeks ago I received a package in the mail… containing a Nazi treasure almost lost to time

…the private papers and published studies of Dr. Otto Warburg that reveal his life’s work…

Seeking a cure for cancer

Like you, I was completely skeptical. Who wouldn’t be?

After all, how could the most important medical breakthrough in human history have been LOST during the collapse of Hitler’s Third Reich?!

But there it was clear as day in Dr. Warburg’s own documents… his discovery that cancer cells have one very strange “quirk”.

And lab studies show, if that quirk is taken advantage of…

cancerous tumors dry up and die like they never existed in the first place. Let me explain…

You see, in every cell in your body are structures called “mitochondria”.

Mitochondria are like tiny engines in your cells…

…essentially, they turn the oxygen you breathe and the food you eat into the energy that powers your cells.

At least, that’s how a healthy cell works.

But through his experiments, Otto Warburg learned something GROUNDBREAKING...

He found out that some mitochondria don’t work the same way...

In some of your cells, the mitochondria – the little “energy engines” of your body – start to mess up.

Essentially, they break… they quit working the right way.

And then those “broken mitochondria” do something interesting

They STOP using oxygen as their main “fuel” to create energy.

Nope. Instead they use glucose – a form of sugar – to create energy in a completely different way.

But that’s a BAD thing. 

You see, creating energy from only glucose, nothing else, is NOT how your cells are supposed to work...

And it causes all sorts of problems with the mitochondria in those cells.

The messed-up cells are basically starved for energy and they begin to “malfunction”…

In some cases, they start to divide over and over again… thousands of times… into a huge mass of mutated, broken cells...

In other words… they form a TUMOR.

Scientists call this “mitochondrial dysfunction”… and it directly leads to uncontrolled tumor growth

And Dr. Warburg’s experiments showed that’s how cancer… ALL CANCERstarts.

Now, there are many reasons why mitochondrial dysfunction can happen… it could be genetic or it can be caused by secondary sources like smoking or exposure to toxins.

But no matter the reason… once your mitochondria start “burning only sugar” your cells are in clear and present danger of turning into cancerous tumors.

What makes it even worse is this: Normally, your body’s immune system would recognize damaged or broken cells – like cancer cells – and destroy them.

That process is known as apoptosis – or what scientists call “cellular suicide”. In other words...

Your body actually tells “damaged” cells to self-destruct.

The problem is, that important process requires your mitochondria – and because of the “mitochondrial dysfunction” I mentioned, it doesn’t happen in cancer cells.

So cancer cells continue to multiply… and tumors grow out of control.

And you know the rest of that story… scorching radiation, devastating chemotherapy, disfiguring surgery…

And far too often… death.

In fact, despite all the “advances” of modern medicine, we’ve made very little progress in improving cancer mortality rates.

The reality is… cancer will likely kill more than 600,000 Americans this year.

How many people do you know who lost their battle with this deadly disease? Far too many… we all do.

And based on current trends, cancer will soon pass heart disease as the leading cause of death in America. 

In 22 states, it’s already the number one killer.

And the truth is, “modern medicine” has NO IDEA how to cure cancer once it starts...

They’re completely clueless. 

And so cancer patients face a horrible future of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery… before they die.

This doesn’t need to be the only path…

There are other options and we think you have a right to know about them…

Because in Dr. Warburg’s documents is something else. Something of unbelievable value.

A way to actually stop cancer cells in their tracks.

He found a simple method that cuts off the “fuel supply” to cancer cells… so the malignant cells dietumors dry up and shrink

But maybe you’re asking… How do I know for sure it REALLY works?

That’s a great question

After all, scientific methods in the 1940s were somewhat primitive compared to today’s technologies…

Thankfully, top scientists have recently tested Dr. Warburg’s method. With amazing results

First, the Warburg Method was verified by a brilliant Johns Hopkins researcher named Pete Pedersen...

Pedersen used advanced microscopic imaging – a technology Otto Warburg could only have dreamed of…

…to prove that cancer cells have FAR FEWER properly functioning mitochondria than regular cells.

Modern science now confirms it: Warburg was CORRECT about “mitochondrial errors” being directly linked to cancer.

But there’s more… Another Johns Hopkins scientist actually tested the Warburg Method against cancer...

She gave 19 cancerous rats a special, non-toxic treatment that “shuts off” the sugar supply to cancer cells.

And wouldn’t you know it…

All of the rats were CURED and went on to have normal lifespans.

That’s an incredible result… complete remission of their cancer.

But maybe you’re thinking… “I’m not a lab rat.” Of course not

So does the Warburg Method work just as well on people too?

Early results in a small number of people are pointing to… YES!

Consider the case of Beverly R. from Toledo, OH.

Sadly, at 65 years old, Beverly was diagnosed with a glioblastoma… an especially deadly type of brain cancer.

In fact, the “standard therapy” of chemo and radiation is almost worthless for this type of aggressive brain tumor.

It’s considered “incurable” and average life expectancy is less than 18 months.

Things looked bleak for Beverly. She did start the standard therapy, but then she did something else as well…

Beverly used the Warburg Method.

After just 60 days of treatment, Beverly’s doctors did a scan of her brain and found something astonishing

Beverly’s “incurable” brain tumor… had VANISHED.

Her aggressive cancer had completely disappeared without a trace.

It was like a miracle.

There’s just no question in my mind… the Warburg Method is the life-saving CANCER TREATMENT you need to know about.

And thanks to your FREE 300-plus-page book “The Secrets of Underground Medicine” you will now get Dr. Warburg’s EXACT method for shutting off the fuel that cancer cells desperately need

The “Warburg Method” is that powerful… I believe it has the potential to be the ONLY true cancer treatment.

And, today, this information can be yours. (I’ll explain everything in just a moment.)

Now, it’s important to realize… your doctor DOES NOT KNOW the Warburg Method for beating cancer and shrinking tumors.

I’m afraid, you won’t hear about it from him.

The ONLY way you’ll get full details on this astonishing covered-up cancer therapy is in your free “The Secrets of Underground Medicine” 300-plus-page book.

It’s not your doctor’s fault. He means well, no question about it.

But he’s simply not TAUGHT about Dr. Otto Warburg and his astonishing cancer discovery.

That’s just not the way our medical system works.

Because, as you’ll learn in your free book, the “Warburg Method” does not require pharmaceutical drugs.

And that’s EXACTLY why the pharmaceutical industry is very unlikely to ever talk about the Warburg Method

It’s not that they are evil – it’s simply that they’re businesses. Huge, multi-billion dollar businesses.

And there’s no money in a therapy that doesn’t require drugs…

Especially when the cost of chemotherapy for cancer can run as high as $65,000 per MONTH?!

And even though prescription drugs cause 128,000 American DEATHS a year…

Most American doctors are taught only one way to practice medicine… prescribe, prescribe, PRESCRIBE

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Because there are now very real natural solutions and even CURES for the deadliest diseases we face.

The Warburg Method for reversing cancer is one such miracle. 

It’s incredibly powerful, but so simple to use… if you know what to do.

And every detail you need… how it works and how YOU can get it starts on page 57 of your free book “The Secrets of Underground Medicine”.

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In your 300-plus-page “The Secrets of Underground Medicine” you’ll get more than 25 powerful treatments covering almost every disease of aging

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As I explained earlier, your doctor simply does not know these disease cures and treatments…

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Make no mistake, you will be the ONLY one who has these new weapons against disease and aging at your disposal.

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Like on 324, where it explains new research that shows how type II diabetes could potentially be reversed by a unique diet

But only…

If you know the information on page 324 of your free copy of “The Secrets of Underground Medicine”…

And it’s a special way of eating that cuts out one common ingredient and actually “tricks” your body into regulating your blood sugar and fighting diabetes

With one doctor reporting incredible results FAST!

In fact, he starts seeing results in as little as 8 days…

And I’m not talking about a starvation diet or anything like that...

Not at all. Actually, you can indulge in a few specific rich, delicious foods in certain amounts… and still knock out your type II diabetes.

It’s so simple… and yet our corporate “mainstream” medical system doesn’t know a thing about it.

So you won’t hear about it from your doctor, I’m afraid. 

But leading scientists – who aren’t controlled by the FDA or Big Pharma – have finally taken notice.

In fact, in one 16-week study, 21 overweight patients with type II diabetes tried this new way of eating…

At the end of the study, 17 of the 21 participants had significantly reduced their diabetes medication…

That’s 81% of diabetics able to get off much of
their medication…

And 7 of them were able to stop taking medication completely.

Not only that, everyone in the study lost an average of 19 pounds!

Again, this special eating method requires NO CALORIE RESTRICTION

Your body simply fights back against your diabetesnaturally and easily

One leading doctor, Eric Westman M.D., has now started using the “eating trick” for his own diabetic patients… with astonishing results.

He reports that he’s able to reduce insulin as much as 150 units per day for diabetics using this technique… in just 8 days.

What’s more… it’s so incredibly effective he reduces his patients’ insulin by 50% on the very first day!

In Dr. Westman’s own words “As the weeks pass, most patients achieve normoglycemia (normal blood sugar) without medication, obese patients lose weight, and patients save money because they are not paying for medications.”

It’s an astonishing therapybut still almost completely unknown in America.

In fact, if you go to the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) website, you won’t find anything on this solution that might actually reverse diabetes.

But how can this be? Surely the ADA is the authority on diabetes in this country?

Once again… Just follow the money. The corporations win… and hard-working Americans like you and me LOSE.

But, finally, YOU can do better. 

Thanks to your free copy of
“The Secrets of Underground Medicine”…

…you can now access solutions not found in our mainstream medical system… 

You see, they’ll stop at nothing to keep these natural, inexpensive and incredibly powerful health solutions out of your hands…

But with “The Secrets of Underground Medicine” you will finally have a true roadmap to cutting-edge health information.

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No matter your age. No matter your current health.

You will now have the science-backed solutions you simply can’t find anywhere else

Like how an almost completely UNKNOWN nutrient is like an age-reversing miracle

It stops the deadly “hardening” of the arteries that causes massive heart attacks…

It makes your bones “steel girder” strongpreventing hip, spinal and bone fractures

It slashes your risk of prostate cancer by 35%…

And it even reduces your risk of dying…

…but here’s the kicker:

An estimated 80% of Americans are dangerously DEFICIENT.

Are you? And how has the mainstream missed this one?!

I call it “Nutrient K” and it’s a hidden health crisis… that NO ONE is talking about.

You see, your great-grandfather probably got plenty of Nutrient K.

That’s because our bodies get Nutrient K from our food… and, back then, cows grazed on lush, green grass…

…and lots of Nutrient K showed up in their meat, milk and butter.

But no more. The cattle feed that’s given to today’s cows means they don’t create Nutrient K… so we’re not getting much from our food.

It’s now estimated 4 out of every 5 Americans are dangerously low on Nutrient KThat’s almost all of us!

It’s an urgent epidemic that has been completely OVERLOOKED by the mainstream authorities…

But that’s not surprising, is it? After all, why tell you about a cheap, natural nutrient that costs just pennies

…when they can sell you expensive drugs for heart disease, osteoporosis, prostate cancer and all the other health conditions caused by Nutrient K deficiency?

Who cares how expensive, unnecessary and dangerous those drugs may be…

Once again, just follow the money. Big Pharma wins… we lose.

No more. That’s why, on page 352 of “The Secrets of Underground Medicine” you’re going to get every detail…

…on how to find out if you’re deficient in Nutrient K (most of us are)…

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…exactly how much you need to take to be healthy…

…and how it protects your heart, bones, prostate and so much more…

Friend, when you replace the K your body is craving...

You’ll be amazed at how GREAT you start to feel…

It makes you wonder, was it getting older that slowed you down… or was it missing this VITAL nutrient that we all need to stay healthy and active…

And that your doctor has likely never mentioned.

In your FREE 300-plus-page book, “The Secrets of Underground Medicine” you’ll discover more astonishing health secrets that simply don’t exist anywhere else

Like an all-natural arthritis miracle that can now actually help REGROW the cartilage in your joints…

Almost like you just got new, healthy joints!

If you’ve been told that your arthritis is incurable… that you’ll just have to live with those excruciating daggers in your hands, shoulders, hips or knees… TAKE HEART.

It’s not going to be that way for you.

Not when you learn about the astonishing joint breakthrough on page 91 of your new encyclopedia of cures…

Doctors tell us that swollen, painful joints are just an unavoidable part of aging… and that the best way to manage your pain is with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)…

Even though those drugs are notorious for their side effects, including stomach bleeding and liver damage. But it gets worse

Some studies are now showing that NSAIDs may actually cause MORE destruction to your joints… making your pain worse.

And when you’re in pain, it’s hard to find much pleasure in life…

But that’s not your only worry

Today it’s trouble buttoning your clothes… or turning the key in that sticky lock.

But what about tomorrow… or next year? How bad will your joints be then?

Will you have trouble dressing… bathing… or driving a car?

Could your swollen, painful joints lead to a fall… a nursing home… your complete loss of independence?

No – not for you. Not NOW.

Because you’re about to learn about...

A true joint MIRACLE called CLG9that could actually help regrow the healthy cartilage that cushions your joints

You’ll move, bend, lift… easily and without pain.

Get ready to dust off those golf clubs or your old fishing rod…

Or dig out those gardening tools.

Heck, maybe it’s time to start dancing again…

It’s all thanks to CLG9… a natural protein that actually makes up about 60% of your joint tissue.

When we were young, this protein grows new cartilage… and repairs any cartilage that gets damaged.

But, unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies stop making enough CLG9.

So your cartilage – the vital cushioning in your joints – starts to fall apart… and causes arthritis.

Your joints get stiff, swollen… and with every movement comes that sharp, take-your-breath-away PAIN.

But I have great news today. 

You see, scientists have now learned there’s an easy way replace the CLG9 in your joints… and when you do it actually GENERATES new cartilage.

It’s almost like replacing your arthritis with
a new, healthy joint…

Look at this x-ray of a knee… you see the part that’s circled?

x-ray image of knee with section circled to highlight arthritic area

That, my friend, is severe bone-on-bone arthritis.

The cartilage is completely worn away in the joint. I think you can imagine how painful it must be to walk on that knee...

Now look at this second x-ray image… this is the SAME KNEE after just 13 weeks of taking CLG9.

x-ray image of knee with section circled to highlight improvement in the joint

Look again at the circled part… look at the clear space between the bones.

That is HEALTHY, NEW CARTILAGE in there. 

The joint is now cushioned and comfortable. Like a brand-new knee!

Look one more time… here is the “before CLG9” photo. You’re looking at severe knee arthritis.

x-ray image of knee with section circled to highlight arthritic area

Here’s the “after CLG9” photo again. A new, cushioned joint.

x-ray image of knee with section circled to highlight improvement in the joint

These photos are from a landmark study, where 30 people with arthritis got CLG9 or a placebo for just 13 weeks.

The placebo group experienced zero improvement in their joints, as you’d expect. But in the CLG9 group…

…nearly 2 out of 3 people reported “excellent improvement” in their joints.

If you or a loved one has arthritis or joint pain, you MUST know how to find the blessed relief of CLG9.

It’s like a joint replacementbut without any scalpels, needles or pain.

All you have to do is take a little of this all-natural powder with water… and CLG9 goes to work rebuilding and rejuvenating your joints.

Then one day you’ll wake up, pop out of bed, and practically skip down the stairs… until you stop and think to yourself...

“I don’t just feel better… I feel AMAZING.”

That’s the CLG9 difference… and on page 91 of “The Secrets of Underground Medicine” you’ll find everything you need to get started…

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